At The Web Design Collective, our pricing is honest, straightforward, and tailored to your needs. Our focus is on delivering exceptional quality, personalized solutions, and ongoing support, not on confusing pricing structures. Whether you need a simple website or a complex e-commerce platform, we've got a pricing plan that fits your budget and goals. Check out our pricing options and find the perfect plan to take your online presence to the next level - no hidden fees, no sales-y jargon, just clear, transparent pricing!

Why Choose Us

Benefit Of Working With Us

At Web Design Collective, we’re not just an agency; we’re your comprehensive digital solutions hub. From captivating web design to powerful SEO, from engaging social media marketing to data-driven analytics, we’ve got it all under one roof. You don’t need to juggle multiple vendors; we’re your single point of contact for all things digital.

Freedom to Choose

At The Web Design Collective, we don't use long contracts. We trust our work to keep you happy.

Value Beyond the Price

At The Web Design Collective, our rates are just the start. You pay for value, expertise, and a team committed to your success. With us, it's not just about cost, but a partnership for your brand's future.

Choose for Excellence

Our belief is in the quality of our work and its impact. We're dedicated to your success and aim to build a lasting partnership based on performance. With us, it's about achieving your goals, not just ticking boxes.

Tailored Packages to Suit Your Budget

Every client is different, just like their budgets. We offer custom packages to fit your needs, whether you're a startup seeking affordable options or a big business wanting a full online strategy.

Pricing Package

Best Pricing Package For All Web Design Solutions

No matter what stage your business is at, we have a package that will fit. All of our packages have been designed to include everything you need to deliver a modern, SEO optimised, lightning-fast website, that looks amazing on any device.


Ideal for New Business & Start Ups 

5 pages


inc GST

Ideal for small businesses or personal projects, this package offers a sleek, easy-to-navigate website with fewer pages, keeping things simple yet engaging. Although it’s our basic offer, you still benefit from essential features like SEO optimisation, responsive design ensuring your site looks great on any device, and robust security measures keeping your online presence safe.


Ideal for Small Business Contractors & Consultants

10 Pages


 inc GST

Guru is the next step up. More pages, more flexibility, more bells and whistles. Perfect for a growing business, franchise or larger organisations. All the essential ingredients that go in to into a successful business website and nothing you don’t.


Ideal for Large Business & Ecommerce

20 Pages


 inc GST

Experience the pinnacle of web design with our Pro Package. Aimed at established businesses or ambitious projects, this comprehensive offer delivers a vast number of pages, accommodating a rich array of content. The Pro Package is a powerhouse of online branding, while still holding true to the core principles of SEO, responsive design, and stringent security measures. It’s a robust solution for those ready to dominate their digital domain.

Monthly Support Plan Overview

Achieving online excellence is a journey, not just a destination. In today’s digital age, standing out is crucial, but maintaining that distinction is the real challenge. That’s where our Monthly Support Plan steps in. It’s not just a set of services; it’s a commitment, a partnership. We’ve crafted a suite of handpicked services to ensure your digital footprint doesn’t just make a mark but leaves an enduring impact. Dive in and discover how we’re redefining the roadmap to online mastery:

High Performance Cloud Server Deployment for Website Hosting

Ensure your website loads swiftly and reliably, keeping visitors engaged and reducing bounce rates.

Provision of Email Accounts

Set up and manage up to 10 professional email accounts, enhancing your brand’s communication capabilities.

Managed WordPress Services

From theme customisation to plugin management, we take the hassle out of running a WordPress site.

Content Updates

Keep your site fresh and relevant with regular content tweaks and additions, ensuring your audience always has something new to explore.

On-Site SEO

Boost your website’s visibility on search engines, drawing more organic traffic and enhancing your online presence.

Comprehensive Website Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential issues with 24/7 website monitoring, ensuring uptime and performance.

Website Security Enhancements

Guard against threats with top-notch security measures, keeping your data and your visitors’ information safe.

Search Console Optimization

 Enhance your website’s compatibility with search engines, ensuring you get noticed by your target audience.

Regular Backup Services

Safeguard your website data with routine backups, ensuring you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Regular Theme and Plugin Updates

Safeguard your website data with routine backups, ensuring you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Free Bug Fix Support

Should any issues arise, our team is on hand to quickly identify and rectify them, ensuring your website’s uninterrupted operation.

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