Web Design Collective specialises in crafting unique online experiences. Our designs are tailored to meet each client's needs, ensuring a captivating and effective online presence. With a blend of creativity and technical expertise, we transform ideas into engaging digital solutions. Our portfolio showcases a variety of projects, reflecting our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Please note that functionality aspects are kept private to respect the business confidentiality of our clients. Explore our work and discover the potential of thoughtful design.


We’ve created a top-notch website for EEA Advisory, an accounting and advisory firm, at EEA Web Design Collective. The design presents the firm’s services in a clear and user-friendly way. Visitors can effortlessly explore offerings like accounting, business advisory, and wealth management. The site’s sleek and modern look, combined with its functionality, ensures a smooth user experience. Our design captures EEA Advisory’s dedication to offering personalized, customer-focused financial solutions, establishing them as a trustworthy and reliable advisory firm.


We built the platform for the Low Carbon Agriculture Show, a major exhibition and conference event in the UK. This platform united forward-thinking farmers, landowners, and operators to delve into sustainable agricultural practices. With a user-friendly interface, attendees effortlessly explored exhibitions and joined enriching discussions. It mirrors our commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and community engagement in agriculture. Our skilled team guaranteed a smooth digital experience, fostering fruitful exchanges on low carbon farming innovations—an important move towards a more sustainable agricultural future.


We played a key role in shaping the Energy Now platform, embodying the values and information-centric approach of DJ Media Publishing Ltd. This digital space caters to agricultural and rural communities, offering insights into renewable energy and low carbon systems. The platform, equipped with features like news updates, advice sections, and supplier directories, underscores DJ Media’s dedication to promoting sustainable energy practices in these communities. Our team prioritized an intuitive design and robust functionality, ensuring the platform serves as an informative and engaging resource—a commitment aligned with the longstanding mission of DJ Media Publishing Ltd.


Our skilled team translated the rich heritage and stellar reputation of Newnham Constructions into the digital realm, creating a website that mirrors their commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and exceptional craftsmanship. Using an intuitive design, we brought their multi-generational expertise online, establishing a presence that highlights their award-winning services and client-centric approach. This platform not only displays their extensive portfolio but also embodies the company’s values and dedication to transforming architectural dreams into reality. It captures the essence of what makes Newnham Constructions a trusted name in the industry.


We meticulously created a digital platform for Loan Lenders, a reputable Gold Coast pawn shop. Our design encapsulates their ethos of providing transparent, responsible lending services to their clientele. The website effortlessly guides visitors through the lending process, showcasing the variety of valuables accepted as collateral. The user-centric design, coupled with detailed information on their services, mirrors Loan Lenders’ commitment to customer satisfaction and financial integrity, offering a seamless digital experience to both new and returning customers​1​.


Our team had the privilege of crafting a digital presence for Oscar Owen, showcasing their top-notch accommodation offerings across the UK. Through a sleek website design, we’ve encapsulated the modern, comfortable spaces they provide for both holiday and business travellers. The intuitive interface enables users to explore various locations and book their stay effortlessly, reflecting Oscar Owen’s dedication to meeting the discerning needs of their clientele. Our collaboration successfully brings their brand’s essence online, offering a seamless experience to potential guests looking for quality accommodation.


Our design prioritizes easy navigation through their comprehensive services, aligning with their mission to simplify the financial journey for hardworking Australians. The website not only showcases Altias’ 30 years of expertise but also serves as a bridge, connecting them with those seeking personalised financial advice and strategies for wealth creation and business growth.


We created a stunning digital space for Hair By Alesia, echoing the salon’s commitment to sustainable luxury and natural beauty enhancement. The website, with its earthy aesthetics and user-friendly interface, provides visitors with a green salon experience, encapsulating Alesia’s 20-year journey in the beauty industry. Our design perfectly captures the essence of her organic approach, inviting users to explore and book their journey towards embracing their natural beauty.


With precision and skill, we crafted a comprehensive digital platform for Less Pest More Control, showcasing their top-tier residential and commercial pest management solutions. The website serves as a testament to their customer-centric approach and unwavering commitment to delivering environmentally safe services. Visitors to the site can seamlessly explore the diverse range of offerings and easily access expert pest control solutions tailored for both residential and commercial needs on the vibrant Gold Coast. Our design not only captures the essence of Less Pest More Control’s expertise but also ensures a user-friendly experience for those seeking effective and reliable pest management solutions.


Effortlessly translating Affordable Golf Lessons’ mission and community-centric approach into the digital realm, we designed a platform that encapsulates their commitment to fostering a supportive, fun, and positive learning environment, particularly tailored for beginner golfers, women, and high handicappers. The website’s user-friendly interface warmly invites visitors to explore and join a golf learning community dedicated to affordability, wellness, and enjoyment. Our design ensures easy navigation, providing convenient access to lesson bookings, instructor information, and details about upcoming golfing events. In creating this online hub, we aimed to echo the lively and supportive atmosphere carefully cultivated by Matt and Teresa Thompson.


We’ve artfully constructed a dynamic digital space for Josephine Palm, the visionary force behind The Josie World. Our design seamlessly mirrors her multifaceted pursuits as a management consultant, robotics business developer, and devoted baker. The website stands as a welcoming corner in the digital landscape, inviting visitors to explore a treasure trove of over 1500 recipes, dive into Josephine’s baking books, and tune into her engaging culinary podcasts. Every element on the site, from the visually pleasing aesthetics to the user-friendly interface, eloquently reflects Josephine’s profound passion for baking, creating a delightful destination for every food enthusiast to savour.


It was a privilege to design a digital platform for H & H Marine Services, a distinguished family-owned business with a profound legacy in marine refinishing. Our website design mirrors their unwavering commitment to perfectionism in spray painting and delivering exceptional customer service. It provides users with a seamless interface to effortlessly explore the diverse offerings of this esteemed company. Infused with a modern design, our creation encapsulates the rich history and well-earned reputation of H & H Marine Services as one of Australia’s leading marine finishing companies. The online presence we’ve established resonates with their esteemed clientele, both on the Gold Coast and beyond.


We meticulously crafted a cutting-edge platform for Alert For Work, a solution dedicated to real-time assessment of fatigue and impairment within high-risk industries in Australia. Our design promotes a proactive approach to fatigue management, featuring innovative solutions such as PRISM and AlertMeter for accurate detection and effective management. Beyond safeguarding a company’s workforce, assets, and reputation, the platform contributes to fostering a collaborative workplace safety culture. Through our design, we’ve established a digital gateway that ensures a safer and more productive work environment across diverse industries, including mining, marine, transport, and manufacturing, among others. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of enhancing overall workplace safety standards.


We’ve created a delectable online destination for Pizza District, seamlessly bringing their mouthwatering offerings to the fingertips of pizza enthusiasts in Kirra Village. Our design strategically showcases their hot deals and an extensive array of pizzas, ensuring that the online ordering experience is a breeze. With just a few clicks, customers can immerse themselves in a delightful world of flavours, ranging from traditional classics to unique pizza creations, all from the comfort of their homes. The design not only emphasizes convenience but also aims to enhance the overall experience for pizza lovers, making the process of exploring and ordering their favourite pizzas an enjoyable and straightforward endeavour.


With sharp attention to detail, we designed a digital platform for TruHealth Solutions, encapsulating their mission to ensure workplace safety and health. The website serves as a comprehensive showcase of their solutions, covering everything from onboarding new workers to ongoing management and wellness programs—all aimed at cultivating a healthier, safer workforce. Our design prioritizes easy navigation, allowing businesses across Australia to effortlessly explore a wide range of services tailored for reducing workplace incidents and enhancing productivity. The user-friendly interface is a testament to TruHealth Solutions’ commitment to providing professional services and support for employers and employees alike, fostering a better work environment for all involved.


We designed a digital platform for Laser2U, distinguished as the sole mobile Class IV Deep Tissue Therapy service in Queensland. Our design encapsulates their state-of-the-art laser therapy services, targeting pain relief and accelerated healing for both humans and pets. The website serves as a rich source of information, offering insights into how laser therapy works, its safety, and effectiveness, creating an educational and user-friendly experience. Through our thoughtful design, we’ve established a seamless digital interface, providing individuals on the Gold Coast with reliable and convenient access to top-notch laser therapy services. This platform ensures that those seeking pain alleviation and enhanced healing have a trustworthy resource at their fingertips.