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Our digital journey started 11 years ago with over 7 years spent working for a collection of different agencies, crafting eye-popping websites and mind-blowing digital experiences for an eclectic mix of clients. However, after talking to almost 100% of our clients we could not ignore that the industry was plagued with misinformed agencies peddling half-baked solutions. So we set out to create an agency that genuinely listens, deeply understands, and delivers results.
At WDC, quality is the heartbeat of our operation. We’re not just in the website business we’re in the partnership-building, dream-fulfilling, honesty-breathing, game-changing business. Our tight-knit domestic and remote team, with an average tenure of 8+ years, embodies excellence and integrity. We’re not just tech-wizards – we’re your guides to lasting digital success, powered by transparency, skill, and a heaped dose of respect.

When it works it really works, allow us to show you how.

Come on this journey with us!

The WDC Team

Our Values Are

High Quality

At WDC, quality is our signature. Every pixel and line of code we craft serves a defined purpose, ensuring your digital representation is polished and premium.

Exceptional Value

We believe in delivering outstanding value with transparent pricing. Our aim is to exceed expectations, ensuring the bang for your buck is loud and clear.

Our Customers

At WDC, our customers are our cornerstone. We go the extra mile to understand your digital dreams, making them a reality. Every interaction is a step towards creating a tailor-made solution that reflects your brand’s unique ethos.


We only employ the best and brightest individuals to help us face challenges and climb mountains. We are a diverse and ambitious team and we are passionate about what we do.





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Web Specialists

Our exceptional team offer expert solutions for a range of businesses around the world. We help you create high-performing digital experiences for your customers adding value to your business. Not everyone likes to read, so feel free to reach out to us and discuss your ideas. We are here to help you take control. Remember its your site not ours.

Connectiv AI, in collaboration with Web Design Collective (WDC), embarks on a journey of innovative fusion. Our teams blend creative web design with cutting-edge AI solutions, delivering a synergistic approach to each project. As collaborators, we unlock new dimensions of digital representation, ensuring our clients experience a blend of aesthetic design and smart technology. With every project, we strive not just to meet, but to surpass expectations, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.